‘Wannabe’ Cop Who Shot Man Over Handicapped Parking Spot Sentenced To twenty Years

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A male in Florida has been convicted of killing as well as condemned to twenty years in jail for shooting an with bare hands male during a brawl over a disabled parking space in Florida final year.

NBC News reports which 28-year-old Markeis McGlockton was shot as well as killed by Michael Drejka outward a Clearwater preference store in Jul 2018. Security camera prophesy prisoner a sharpened as well as was used by both a invulnerability as well as charge teams.

Drejka consistently monitored a disabled parking space during a Clearwater Circle A Food Store in Florida as he was a “wannabe law coercion officer” Circuit Judge Joseph Bulone described during a trial. On a single sold day, Markeis McGlockton parked in a disabled mark as well as went inside a store with a single of his young kids as his girlfriend, Britany Jacobs, as well as their dual alternative young kids sat in a car.

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McGlockton shortly exited a store as well as saw Drejka in an justification with his partner over a parking space. As a 28-year-old exited a store, he pushed Drejka to a belligerent who afterwards pulled out a gun as well as fatally shot McGlockton.

In celebration of a mass his verdict, Judge Joseph Bulone pronounced “No a single unequivocally used undiluted probity in this box though a justification in this box shows a suspect combined dispute as well as combined fight as well as shot as well as killed an with bare hands male who was subsidy up as well as retreating as well as perplexing to save his own hold up by retreating once his saw a firearm.”

In a chilling matter released prior to Drejka was condemned to twenty years in prison, McGlockton’s father pronounced he will finish things when he meets Drejka in hell.

“In a Bible, it says in sequence to get in to heaven, we contingency pardon those who tamper opposite us. At this indicate in my life, we am not there yet. And if it only so happens which a Lord chooses to take me prior to we come to conditions with this, afterwards we will see we in ruin where we as well as we will finish this. Mark my words,” he said.


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