U.S. To Create Purpose-Built Hydrogen Disaster Relief Vehicle

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The U.S. Department of Energy as great as U.S. Army will work together to rise the purpose-built mess service car with the hydrogen fuel dungeon powertrain, CNET reports.

The U.S. Army has already collaborated with General Motors to rise the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 fuel cell as great as sees the series of advantages with such the powertrain. For starters, the hydrogen car can yield the source of power, heat, as great as beverage H2O for up to 72 hours, things which could have helped severely in puncture situations similar to the wildfires in California as great as Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

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Limited sum about the car have been great known together with when it could initial be put to use. What you do know is which the car has been dubbed ‘H2Rescue’ with the Army Corps of Engineers as great as assorted partners to proceed arising requests for proposals this tumble prior to work kicks off.

Once the H2Rescue has been engineered as great as grown it will go by the feasibility study. Both the Department of Energy as great as Army have been additionally formulation the corner proof to showcase how the zero-emissions puncture car is great matched to those in the field.

General Motors builds vehicles for the armed forces by the Defense division. In further to the fuel dungeon Colorado ZH2 denounced the integrate of years ago, the association previewed the incomparable Silverado ZH2 late final year. That car is powered by the next-generation fuel dungeon fed by 3 700 club hydrogen fuel armoured column as great as is reportedly great for the operation surpassing 400 miles (643 km).

Note: GM SURUS pictured

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