New Lexus Electric Car Concept Teased For Tokyo Motor Show

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The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show which starts upon Oct twenty-three for a general media as well as dual days after for a public, will be belligerent 0 for multiform universe premieres.

One of them will be Lexus’ latest electric automobile concept which was teased currently forward of an phenomenon subsequent month. According to a primary announcement, a as-of-yet-unnamed uncover automobile is an autonomous, battery-electric model.

“Leveraging one after another advances in technologies such as foundation as well as unconstrained driving, a electrified concept offers a peek in to Lexus’ destiny vision, which caters to consumers who have been similarly ardent about pushing as well as singly crafted oppulance experiences.”

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Accompanying a reduced press recover is a teaser which casts a light upon a front finish of a car, which facilities vast creases in a front bumper, positioned underneath a slim headlamps with light existence which side a shaft grille.

It’s unfit to contend with faith what figure a investigate has from this image, though during a initial glance, it appears to have been desirous by a LF-SA Concept presented in 2015 (seen in a on top of below). If that’s a case, afterwards we’re seeking during a driver-oriented tiny hatchback with seating for four, expected packaged with latest technologies, such as a bright instrument row with hologram display.

Lexus LF-SA Concept from 2015

For now, however, we would not wholly bar a probability of a different physique style. In any case, we can try to interpret a poser by receiving a closer demeanour during a diagonally opposite picture as well as video.


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