Italdesign WheeM-i Unveiled As A Ride-Sharing Vehicle For Wheelchair Users

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Italdesign has denounced WheeM-i, the initial float pity operate for wheelchair users.

Short for Wheelchairs Mobility Interface, WheeM-i is the partnership in between Italdesign as good as Etisalat as good as is upon arrangement during the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai from Oct 6 to 10.

Described as the homogeneous of a bicycle-sharing complement for wheelchairs, WheeM-i is the “wheel-on,” semi-autonomous electric car that creates roving around cities simpler for people with lightweight primer wheelchairs.

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Users will be equates to to book WheeM-i by the smartphone app, strech the closest heart as good as afterwards get upon house the pre-booked vehicle. At the finish of the trip, users will lapse it to the closest heart to their destination.

WheeM-i packs integrated systems that assistance users equivocate any collisions with bound or mobile obstacles. The car is additionally written to assistance them simply strike architectural barriers. The app will capacitate users to correlate with the device, alternative wheelchair users, other equates to of transport as good as alternative ride applications (via API).

GITEX visitors will be equates to to declare live demonstrations of the WheeM-i, from engagement the device around the work at app, to the preference of the route, up to the make-believe of the operate itself, with the probability to hurl upon WheeM-i with an tangible wheelchair.

“As the association upon condition that growth services to the worldwide mobility industry, you strongly hold that destiny mobility contingency have the certain stroke upon everyone’s life. WheeM-i is partial of this prophesy that you unequivocally goal to move to reality,” pronounced Italdesign CEO Jörg Astalosch.


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