Ford Dealer Is Selling 700 HP Mustangs With A Warranty For Under $40,000

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A Ford dealership out of Morrison, Tennessee is selling supercharger packages for the Ford Mustang GT that don’t impact the pony car’s warranty.

Brown Lee Ford recently took to Instagram to announce that it offers Roush R2650 TVS Phase 1 superchargers for 2020 Mustang GT models from just $39,995. That is an absolute bargain when you consider that a regular 2020 Mustang GT starts at $36,725 and buying the Roush supercharger yourself would add $7,699 to that price, Car and Driver notes.

In addition to the supercharger itself, the kit offered by Brown Lee Ford includes an intake kit, intercooler, radiator, and all the necessary hardware to install the blower. The kit is offered for Mustang GTs with either the 10-speed automatic transmission or the six-speed manual ‘box and lifts power from the 5.0-liter V8 to an insane 700 hp up from the standard 460 hp.

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All of the Roush parts are warrantied as long as they are installed by a Ford dealer or an Automotive Service Excellence-certified technician, Brown Lee Ford says.

To describe a 700 hp Ford Mustang that costs just $39,995 as a bargain would be an understatement. The nearest Mustang available from the factory with this much power, the 760 hp Shelby GT500, starts at $73,995 and even a 717 hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat costs more than $60,000.

Now, we should point out that the supercharger kit isn’t sold alongside any supporting suspension or brake modifications that one may need for a car with so much power, and that’s something potential owners need to think about.

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