Elon Musk Says “I’m A F***ing Idiot” For ‘Pedo-Guy’ Comments

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Court papers have suggested which Tesla arch senior manager Elon Musk certified he was a “f***ing idiot” for how he acted during final year’s ‘pedo guy’ saga.

In a latest filing in a insult box brought by British diver Vernon Unsworth who Musk called a ‘pedo guy’, said was a kid rapist, as well as indicted of marrying a 12-year-old lady from Thailand, an email sent by Musk to a PR representative offers an discernment in to what a outspoken senior manager was meditative when creation a accusations in an email to Buzzfeed.

“I didn’t design Buzzfeed to tell an off-the-record email. My vigilant was to have them examine as well as come to their own conclusions, not tell my email directly,” Musk’s email to a PR representative reads. “Still, I’m a f***ing idiot…It was still a single of a dumber things I’ve ever done.”

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Musk’s barbarous email sent to Buzzfeed was prefaced with a summary which it was ‘off-the-record.’ In broadcasting lingo, which fundamentally equates to what is pronounced shouldn’t be reported. Unfortunately for Musk, Buzzfeed never concluded to off-the-record discussions with Musk as well as his email was quickly published.

Musk paid a in isolation questioner during slightest $50,000 to examine Unsworth. The Tesla trainer done a indictment Unsworth tied together a 12-year-old kid bride after report he perceived from this investigator. The indictment was wrong as well as progressing this month it was suggested which a investigator, James Howard-Higgins, was a convicted law-breaker who had served time in jail for rascal as well as fed fake report to Musk.

“[These are] false, iniquitous accusations by Elon Musk, a thin-skinned billionaire who is spooky with his open picture as well as who has a story of vindictively as well as purposely ignoring law to say which PR-created image,” a filing states.

Unsworth is looking $75,000 from Musk as well as vague punitive indemnification for defamation.


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