Dodge Challenger Hellcat Breaks Dyno Straps And Catches Fire

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If you’ve ever wondered what can go wrong when a absolute automobile is being taken to a boundary upon a dyno, demeanour no serve than this video.

It’s a timeless actuality which a Challenger SRT Hellcat is a single of a many absolute as well as animalistic cars upon a world as well as whilst Dodge fans would substantially adore to explain it was simply as well absolute for this dyno, it appears which inadequate apparatus is to blame.

As a Hellcat was being put by a paces during a energy run, a single of a cables merged to a behind of a automobile snaps in half. This fast sends a Hellcat brazen as well as to a side upon a rollers, clearly enchanting a brakes which fast locate glow after spitting sparks as well as intense red. Fortunately, workers from a emporium were discerning sufficient to conflict as well as put out a abandon with a glow extinguisher.

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It stays to be seen if any poignant repairs was finished to a Hellcat nonetheless we’d be astounded if it will need any repairs.

The internet is dirty with videos display what can go wrong with cars strapped to dynos as well as to keep you entertained, you have combined a dyno destroy gathering video down below. This video shows which what this Hellcat gifted was flattering tame compared to a particularly barbarous incident which happened behind in 2010 as a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was being put to a exam upon a dyno in Puerto Rico. It finished up descending off a towering height as well as expected suffered a little bad damage.


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