Distracted Ford F-150 Driver Causes Shocking Pile-Up On Oklahoma Highway

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Our smartphones get smarter by a minute, a cars as well, fundamentally each device we operate today has done unimaginable advances compared to 10 years ago.

Let’s not even speak about artificial intelligence as good as how us humans have been fearful we will remove a jobs since of it in a future. Unfortunately, a some-more people rest upon technology, a reduction they operate their own smarts and, in many cases, their over-dependence upon gadgets can have critical consequences — both for themselves as good as others.

The following dashcam video illustrates this as good well, unfortunately. In a footage dating from Sep 23, we see a white Ford F-150 truck pushing upon a center line of a I-235 nearby a Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City.

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At a single point, a trade forward slows as good as drivers begin braking, expecting which a vehicles forward will come to a halt. Mind you, a F-150 motorist carried upon similar to zero happened as good as didn’t conflict until it was as good late. His lorry slammed in to a automobile ahead, causing a sequence greeting in which during slightest 3 vehicles were involved.

How could any one be so forward during a back of a wheel, we ask? Well, a cammer took a demeanour during a F-150 motorist prior to a pile-up as good as beheld which pushing was low upon his list of priorities during a time. According to a chairman filming, a male was upon his phone moments prior to he caused a large accident.

The stroke looked unequivocally frightful as good as a passengers in a automobile sandwiched in between a F-150 as good as an additional pickup many expected postulated critical injuries — let’s only goal things weren’t worse than that. As a cammer writes in a video description, “no text, no phone call, zero upon mobile phones is value a forward as good as infrequently comfortless consequences.” Will drivers similar to these ever listen, though?




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