Deep Down, You Know You Want This Ford F-550 Super Duty 6×6 ‘Indomitus’

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It’s time to check your finance management again, as an additional engaging origination has popped up for sale. It’s the heavily mutated 2017 Ford F-550 Super Duty, turned in to the six-wheeler, baptized the ‘Indomitus’.

Its name equates to ‘untamed, un-subdued, ungoverned, unrestrained, untamable, ungovernable, extreme as well as wild’, according to the creators. The lorry is listed upon UniqueMankato in Minnesota with reduction than 13,000 miles (20,920 km) upon the odometer as well as costs the large $145,000, scarcely 4 times the cost of the latest F-550 XL.

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Made by Diesel Brothers for the Minnesota Soybean Research Council as well as featured upon Discovery Channel’s being show, the Indomitus (hard to get used to which name) boasts 3 entirely organic axles. The Readylift cessation has combined 7 inches (17.8 cm) to the belligerent clearance, there’s an tractable four-link cessation setup whilst the lorry rides upon 40-inch tires, wrapped around the DBL wheels.

The lorry is embellished in the Giverny Green shade accented by decals, whilst alternative extraneous modifications embody aftermarket front as well as behind bumpers, law fiberglass fenders during the behind as well as an ‘Indomitus’ pinned token upon the visor.

As funny as it might demeanour upon the outside, the interior has been left flattering most inexperienced with the rsther than lifeless preference of colors similar to the grey fine cloth upholstery.

Firepower is supposing by the 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 engine which churns out 440 horsepower as well as 925 pound-feet (1,254 Nm) of hanging ornament straight from the factory. Channeling it to the 3 axles is the 6-speed involuntary transmission.


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