Daihatsu Reveals Four Quirky Concepts For Tokyo, Including A Possible Jimny Rival

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You can regularly equate upon Daihatsu to move a quirky lineup to a Tokyo Motor Show as well as this year’s book of a eventuality creates no exception.

Under a thesis of “Gathering – warming up everyone’s lives,” a Toyota-owned automaker will showcase 4 latest concept vehicles. Each of these studies have names that receptive to advice similar to a systematic designations of animal class (in Japanese): Ico Ico, Tsumu Tsumu, Wai Wai, as well as Waku Waku.

Let’s begin with a final a single that envisions a kei car-sized crossover that “expands a universe of play,” according to Daihatsu. The Waku Waku judgment appears to be utterly tighten to a prolongation model, as well as a actuality that little crossovers have been really renouned today should be a cause of Daihatsu to set up it.

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Daihatsu Waku Waku Concept

Despite a little footprint, a boxy SUV facilities imperishable pattern elements such as cosmetic circle physical condition cladding, off-road bumpers, as well as tall belligerent clearance. It’s not tough to see it elaborating in to a Suzuki Jimny rival.

Moving upon to a Wai Wai Concept, it’s a little MPV that offers 6 seats upon 3 rows as well as a “friendly” pattern that sets it detached from required minivans. The normal front doors as well as shifting back doors suggest entrance to an ethereal cabin.

Daihatsu Wai Wai Concept

Two sunroofs yield copiousness of light to a interior featuring folding seats as well as a minimalist dashboard with a steering wheel-attached carry out row as well as a plane arrangement travelling a complete breadth of a dash. As with a Waku Waku study, this looks similar to it could morph in to a prolongation indication utterly simply as well as successfully.

Daihatsu Ico Ico Concept

The Ico Ico Concept is a people conduit as well though it does not need a driver. A small unconstrained shuttle that can expostulate upon slight roads, Ico Ico is befitting as a last-mile open transporter. The car is versed with a retractable height that allows for easy ingress-egress, quite for wheelchair users. Daihatsu does not contend how most people a Ico Ico can ride though seeking during a photos it appears to be a four-seater.

Daihatsu Tsumu Tsumu Concept

Finally, a Tsumu Tsumu is arguably a cutest of a 4 concepts as it envisions a multi-purpose little truck. The Tokyo Motor Show concept’s modular loading height is versed with a vast worker section though Daihatsu says a Tsumu Tsumu light lorry can house alternative things such as camping units.

The judgment facilities a ample cabin that’s easy to entrance interjection to a latest judgment doorway opening and offers one more load space, quite with a newcomer chair folded down. Daihatsu says a Tsumu Tsumu previews a next-generation light lorry for a Japanese market.

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