BMW 3-Series Driver Triggers Pile-Up In California

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Distracted driving is an extremely common cause of crashes and we’re willing to bet this was the case with the driver of a BMW 3-Series starring in the following video.

The clip was captured near San Bruno in California and shows slow-moving traffic on the southbound 280. It starts out unremarkably until an E30-generation BMW 3-Series passes the cammer in the second-most left lane and slams on their brakes.

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This sudden move to slow down causes a silver Toyota Prius following shortly behind to hit the brakes and quickly steer to the right in a bid to avoid making contact. This Prius driver is unable to slow down in time and clips the rear of the 3-Series. Things only get worse as an SUV hits the rear of the Prius, sending it into another lane where it is pushed into the front of a Honda CR-V.

Fortunately, none of the impacts happened at high speed and we would be shocked if anyone was injured in the pile-up.

Incidents like these can get interesting if they go to court to determine who was to blame for the crash. An argument can certainly be made that the BMW driver inadvertently caused the crash. Similarly, one could say that the Prius driver shouldn’t have been following the BMW so closely and should have been able to brake in time. If all drivers featured in this video, except for the innocent CR-V, were driving their vehicles more defensively, the whole thing could have been avoided.


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