Audi Teases PPE Platform, Will Be One Of Four Architectures Used On Electric Vehicles

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Audi has denounced their supposed “Road map E.”

As a name suggests, a association is betting large upon foundation as good as they devise to offer thirty electrified vehicles by 2025. Electric vehicles will fool around an critical purpose in this pull as good as a association pronounced twenty of a models will be entirely electric.

However, Audi isn’t putting all their eggs in a single basket as they’ll operate 4 opposite electric car platforms. We’ve already seen a initial as a E-tron rides upon a mutated chronicle of a MLB evo platform.

Bigger changes will start in a destiny as arriving models will float upon platforms written privately for electric vehicles. The initial of these will be a prolongation chronicle of a E-tron GT concept which was introduced final year. The indication will arrive in 2020 as good as be formed upon a performance-oriented J1 height which underpins a Porsche Taycan.

A year later, in 2021, Audi will deliver their third electric car height which should already be informed to a readers. We’re, of course, articulate about Volkswagen’s MEB platform which underpins a ID 3.

The initial Audi indication to operate a MEB pattern will be a prolongation chronicle of a Q4 e-tron concept. It will have extraneous measure identical to a Q3, though an interior which is upon standard with a Q5.

Audi will suggest additional models formed upon a MEB platform as good as a association says they’ll be compress to medium-sized. The automaker didn’t go in to specifics, though pronounced a arriving models will have a “fascinating design, high-quality interior workmanship as good as a top-of-the-line handling system.”

More importantly, MEB-based models will be an affordable. As partial of a bid to keep prices down, Audi reliable skeleton to suggest bottom models with a rear-mounted electric engine as good as rear-wheel drive. There will additionally be higher-end variants with twin electric motors as good as all-wheel drive.

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To house full-size as good as oppulance models, Audi will operate a PPE architecture which is being grown with Porsche. The association says a height will be used upon an collection of vehicles together with wagons, crossovers, sportbacks as good as SUVs.

The height is “generally similar” to a MEB pattern as there will be a back electric engine as good as rear-wheel expostulate as good as twin motors as good as all-wheel drive. However, a height will underline higher-end technologies such as an 800 volt electrical complement as good as a charging genius of 350 kW.  Audi additionally hinted PPE-based vehicles could have an air suspension, all-wheel steering as good as hanging ornament vectoring.

As partial of a announcement, Audi teased a PPE-based concept called a “Sportback-Layout.” The association didn’t contend most about a model, though prior reports have referred to it could go in to prolongation in 2023 as good as underline a in vogue pattern which borrows cues from a E-Tron GT as good as A7 Sportback. However, it would be significantly not as big than a latter indication as it’s rumored to be about a same distance as a A4.

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