Apex: The Secret Race Across America To Detail Cross-Country Racing

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Gearheads have an additional appealing movie to demeanour brazen to following a recover of a initial trailer for Apex: The Secret Race Across America.

The movie comes from a producers of The Drive channel upon YouTube as well as follows upon from Apex: The Story of a Hypercar from behind in 2015. This latest movie will entrance upon Oct twenty during 9:30 PM ET upon NBC Sports as well as afterwards turn accessible for squeeze upon iTunes.

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Apex: The Secret Race Across America will begin by recalling a Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Seat Memorial Trophy Dash, improved well known as a Cannonball Run, which was hold regularly via a 1970s as well as directed to see who could expostulate opposite a United States a fastest. Ultimately superseding a Cannonball Run was a U.S. Express eventuality orderly in a 1980s as well as in 1983, a jot down of 32 hours as well as 7 mins was set.

This record stood for some-more than dual decades until it was damaged in Oct 2006 by Alex Roy in a BMW M5 with a time of 31 hours of 4 minutes. The movie will take a low dive in to Roy’s barbarous run, even yet it is no longer a fastest time set for a coast-to-coast run.

Not usually will a movie demeanour during Roy’s run though it will additionally take a some-more minute demeanour during a coast-to-coast races hold in a 1970s as well as 1980s. Apex: The Secret Race Across America will be narrated by Ice-T.


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